You know a great team by the “spirit” they express and the values they live by.

Dr. Spalding Green

Dr. Spalding Green

Dr. Green is a fourth generation, relationship and trust based dental professional.   His clinical expertise comes from extensive training at some of the most prestigious centers for post doctoral advanced technical training.  Dr. Green’s continual commitment to providing the best dental care includes completing an entire Restorative Dentistry and Occlusion curriculum. This commitment earned him the Ace Award for continuing education from the Tennessee Dental Association.

Dr. Green's approach to practicing dentistry is centered around the belief that how many patients he sees in a day does NOT measure quality of care. Rather, his work rests on aesthetic principles and scientific understanding of oral health—where aesthetics and health are not an “either-or” decision. Dr. Green has combined these two philosophies creating a relationship-based, health-centered practice.  

Dr. Green has worked side by side with his dedicated dental assistant, Patty Johnson for over 16 years. Together, they have created some of the most beautiful smiles in middle Tennessee.


Shelli GreenWhen you arrive, you will be warmly greeted by Shelli Green, L.C.A., C.O.A, our practice manager. Shelli will be available throughout your visit to ensure you are comfortable and coordinate your treatment options.
LoriWe are blessed to have Lori Larrson lead our dental hygiene department.  Lori has been dedicated to our patients for  10 years and brings over 27 years of experience to our practice.  When you reserve an appointment with Lori for your routine dental health visit, she will dedicate at least a full hour to your dental healthcare needs.  Lori is committed to partnering with her patients and helping them achieve and maintain optimal dental health.